You are required to go through the whole site as well as my pronouns (white info icon in links page) before doing anything that is related to me (that includes tributes, rants, contacting and commenting on any of my posts from any sites, etc.)

Hello, i am AbstraStone/CSQN
Genderfluid (mostly female)
she/they, they/them, it/its (you can mix them, but not with he/him please dont)
Highly sensitive person
Fandoms are osc, furry, jsab, and mlp.
I do not make NSFW, only SFW.
For more information about my gender/what to call me/what not to call me, visit my


I am working and collaborating on many projects, but since i am very busy with alot of these projects i am not available for hire.Below are my skills, but none are professional at the moment, most are just hobbyist skill.

Animation examples

Art examples (no particular order)

Voice acting examples

Writing examples (sorry its long i write in paragraphs alot)

Kill off 2 important characters challenge (Abstracy isnt Abstracty btw)
Candle woke up at midnight to the sounds of guns and tanks and realized the place was going to be turned into a temporary war zone because furries were spotted around the place. They didn't want to die so they got out of bed and got Cut-circle, Cheese and cracker sandwich and Boombox up. They then ran to XIT! who was wide awake and thinking about their past.
They got XIT! to get out of bed and ran as fast as they could through the big apartment. Candle stopped by the door where H-book was kept and saw Abstracy trying to open it. Candle told him not to and then ran away. Abstracy was tired of being told what to do however, and so they opened it and H-book came out and possessed him.Boombox heard it and decided to go check on Abstracy and Abstracy killed him. Abstracy than ran towards the exit where the others were running towards and just when Candle and X_IT! ran out, Abstracy killed Cut-circle. Now Cheese and cracker sandwich has to fend against possessed Abstracy in order to escape to the outside.

Folder and cyan [TW]
TW: mentions of burns and vomiting, and violence
Folder was stressing about the substance that just left a weird burn on his eye, one that felt discomforting and pleasant. He wondered why abstracty had even turned into whatever that was. Either way, he was in pain and he didn't like that. Folder went to an alleyway becuase alleyways are known for murders, so hopefully he chould catch abstracty there. But when he got there, he heard someone.Abstracty was arguing with H-book on why he shouldnt posses folder. H-book then threatened his life. Abstracty being that kind of person whos not willing to die, went to posses folder. He looked for folder when he spotted him and went towards him and gently put his hands on him.Folder felt weird after abstracty posesed him. He didnt know what happened until he looked behind him. Abstractys cloak was there, but no sign of abstracty to be found. He then felt something fusing inside him. And then it did, and he felt really bad.He started feeling weird on his hands and feet and eventually saw they were being covered by some blue metal, similar to the metal that made his limbs and face, then the metal started morphing. It continued to morph until it resembled sharp claws somewhat.He felt the urge to go on all fours while running but he thought that would be stupid, until one day he slipped and fell. He got up but not the way he expected. He continued to get up on all fours whenever he fell until one day he woke up and decided to try walking on all fours. He felt strange walking on two but walking on all fours didnt feel bad at all, it felt relieving.

Music examples